Justin Jefferson mega-deal just drove up Tyreek Hill's Dolphins asking price

Tyreek Hill is surely paying attention to the money Justin Jefferson just landed.
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Wide receivers are making big money this offseason, and now another top wideout is getting paid just days after the Miami Dolphins extended Jaylen Waddle. Will this lead to a discussion between the Dolphins and Tyreek Hill?

Hill is under contract with Miami through the 2025 season. Jefferson's deal is impactful, and Hill may want to get more from the Dolphins. Jefferson's contract is for four years and $140 million, with $110 million guaranteed. Meanwhile, Hill's contract, which was one of the highest two years ago, is now considered a bargain.

Tyreek Hill is looking for a new contract from the Miami Dolphins

There have been reports that Hill wants a new contract. Hill has been looking at the possibility since A.J. Brown got more money from the Eagles. Hill's contract currently will pay him just under $20 million for the 2024 season, and his 2026 year is voidable and comes with a huge $46 million tag. Hill wants more guaranteed money, and this Jefferson deal is going to put him in a position to ask for it.

It would be interesting to learn how far Hill is willing to go to get a new deal written. He has spoken of retiring after the 2025 season to pursue non-football activities and his off-field stuff has kept him in the news more than the Dolphins probably would like. Regardless, Hill is the Dolphins' best WR, and he knows it. The Dolphins know it too, and despite giving Waddle an extension, Hill will still be the go-to receiver for this offense.

Things are about to get more interesting in Miami if Hill is intent on getting a better and reworked contract. The Dolphins, dealing with the current Tua Tagovailoa situation, however, are not likely going to go down that rabbit hole with Hill. It will be worth paying attention to now that another WR has eclipsed his yearly earnings.