Latest Derrick Henry rumor has him liking the Dolphins in FA but you shouldn't buy into it

Derrick Henry is reportedly seeing the Miami Dolphins as his next potential destination.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
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It is currently the moment when NFL teams are releasing players as free agents due to some teams having negative cap space. A new rumor suggests that soon-to-be former Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry is considering joining the Miami Dolphins as his top choice after being released by the Titans.

During the last game of the season against the Kansas City Chiefs, it became evident that the team needed to improve their running game. The team's running backs, Raheem Mostert and Achane, only managed to gain 33 yards and 9 yards, respectively.

If Henry signs with the Dolphins, it will create intense competition among the running backs and boost the team's offense. The combination of Henry's power running style and the speed and agility of Mostert could make Miami one of the most unpredictable offenses in the NFL.

Based on his experience and impressive performance last season, Raheem will be the starting running back. Mostert was the Dolphins' most valuable player in running plays, scoring 18 touchdowns in the regular season. The only question is if Henry will become the second or the third option among the running backs.

Devon Achane has displayed the potential to be a crucial element in the team's offense. However, to fully realize his potential, he will require a significant boost in his performance this season. In the absence of Mostert, coach McDaniel has identified Achane as the second go-to option. That leaves the third RB option between Jeff Wilson Jr, Salvon Ahmed, Chris Brooks, or Derrick Henry.

In an interview, Derrick Henry expressed his desire to sign with the Miami Dolphins, believing it to be his ideal destination.