Less than 12 hours : 3 top Miami Dolphins storylines heading into the draft

Dolphins general manager Chris Grier and coach Mike McDaniel address reporters Tuesday.

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Dolphins general manager Chris Grier and coach Mike McDaniel address reporters Tuesday. Img 9284 / HAL HABIB / The Palm Beach Post / USA
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We're within 12 hours until the 2023 NFL Draft begins and I'm starting to get draft day fever. Even though the Miami Dolphins don't have a 1st round pick due to their former coach tattling on to the league office about having a conversation with the greatest QB of all time, I'm still amped to see everything unfold tonight.

The Miami Dolphins have been linked to a ton of players that are in the draft this week and some that are already in the NFL. So there's reason, at least to me, to be genuinely invested in all aspects of the draft.

The reason to pay attention with vigor is because that wheeling, dealing son of a gun, Chris Grier, has shown zero ability to just sit back and not get involved one way or the other. Chris Grier needs and forces action like I need air to breathe. That alone is worth paying attention to everything NFL draft.

Especially with the news of Aaron Rodgers signing with the Jets, something I'm sure Chris Grier and the rest of the Miami Dolphins knew was coming, the Dolphins might react in a way other than simply staying at picks 51 and 84 on day two of the draft.

The Dolphins have seemingly one of the best rosters in the NFL but obviously, there are areas that need to be filled with a potential starter or simply just getting quality depth. That's not a ground-breaking notion. Where Miami is currently slated to pick, there will be many quality players to be had. This is where Grier and the scouting department make their money. Finding those diamonds in the rough that will fit in with what they're trying to do in South Beach.

At any minute, something wild could happen that changes the draft and possibly puts the Miami Dolphins into a completely different frame of thinking than how we've been thinking for the last few months. These are the top NFL Draft storylines for the Miami Dolphins.