Liam Eichenberg Miami Dolphins depth chart position made fans crazy

The Miami Dolphins first official depth chart of the regular season was posted on Wednesday and it left many fans reeling after the Liam Eichenberg listing.

Jan 8, 2023; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Liam Eichenberg (74)
Jan 8, 2023; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins offensive tackle Liam Eichenberg (74) / Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins listed Liam Eichenberg as the starting left guard on Wednesday, ahead of Isaiah Wynn and the team's general manager fans were none to pleased.

Eichenberg has struggled since being drafted and last year saw another up and down, mostly down and injured season. Now, the Dolphins are rolling the dice that Eichenberg is good enough to hold down the left guard position.

In two seasons with the Dolphins, Eichenberg has started 26 games. He missed seven games last season. In his rookie year, he struggled to find a home. His arm length isn't prototypical of a tackle and his transition to guard hasn't been good.

Many believe that he could be destined for a role at center and ultimately, maybe that is where he lands but this week, against the Chargers, Eich is starting or at least that's what fans are thinking.

Mildly put, Miami fans are not happy about this at all. In fact, some in the local media have taken note as well and on our sister site,, the Chargers writers took note of Miami fan's displeasure.

Is Eichenberg getting a raw deal from the fans? While it may be a bit over the top, he hasn't shown as much as this writer thought he would. I said shortly after he was drafted that he reminded me of Bob Kuechenberg in certain areas and thought he could have a long career in Miami but he has not come anwhere close to what I thought he could be and instead, quite the opposite.

On a plus side of this coin, the depth chart does not mean much and the Dolphins may not start him come Sunday.