Lost in the offensive woes on Sunday, the Miami Dolphins defense sent a message to the NFL

The NFL is a week to week "who knows what will happen" league and on Sunday, the Miami Dolphins sent a message to the NFL that their defense is better than just good.
Nov 5, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) carries the
Nov 5, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) carries the / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bradley Chubb is frustrated that the Miami Dolphins are not beating the better teams in the league. It's a frustration he shares with the entire fan base.

On Sunday, the Dolphins' defense appeared early to be one of those units that was going to fold. Another narrative is that Vic Fangio simply doesn't have the players to run his scheme. As it turns out, the defense said, enough is enough. We got this.

Miami gave up a first drive touchdown and it appeared that this was going to be another long Sunday but the Chiefs barely sniffed the end zone after that. In fact, the Dolphins defense allowed the Chiefs just one more TD. A score that came late in the 2nd quarter.

The 2nd scoring drive from the Chiefs came after the two teams traded 7 punts between them. Miami's offense managed drives of 5 plays and 4 plays in their two second-quarter possessions. Finally, the defense gave up a long calculated, and meticulous drive by Patrick Mahomes.

After that? Nothing. The Chiefs' entire 2nd half consisted of 7 plays and a punt, 7 plays and a lost fumble, 9 plays and a punt, and finally, 4 plays and a punt.

Miami's defense held Mahomes to under 200 yards passing and the Chiefs offense to two TDs. The third TD was the result of Tyreek Hill's fumble.

Miami's defense has continued to get better with each game and as games go on, they have gotten better. Consider Miami has not lost a game defensively in the 2nd half of a game this year. Yes, they gave up two TDs to the Eagles, one in the 3rd quarter and one in the 4th. Needless to say, that game had some suspect officiating that was nationally discussed.

The worst game clearly was against the Bills in week four but since that game, the Dolphins' defense has played very well and on Sunday they put up their best game of the season against the defending champions. Still, the offense didn't provide much help.

The biggest game on the Dolphins' immediate schedule will be the Jets on Black Friday. The Jets offense isn't great but their defense is stellar. Miami's defense should do their part to keep the Jets offense in check but it will be, once again, up to the offense to score points against a top defensive unit.

On Sunday, the Dolphins defense was clearly the best of the Dolphins and that sadly is lost by the play of the offense.