Miami Dolphins: 2 camp battles that I think are fascinating and 2 I think ultimately won't make a difference

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) warms up during training camp at Baptist Health
Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) warms up during training camp at Baptist Health / Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK
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We are smack dab in the middle of OTAs for the Miami Dolphins. It's a time that we all can start feeling a little tingly for our 2nd or perhaps 1st love, football, for a few days before it goes away for another few weeks.

Does really anything of consequence come out of OTAs? Not particularly, We learned that Mike McDaniel has Tua wearing a camera on his helmet which apparently means that he can't process his reads for the smooth brain crowd out there. We've learned that Jaelan Phillips is probably going to be asked for a urine sample, randomly of course, because he is making Thor look like Antman. And we've learned that Devon Achane is really fast as if we didn't know that already.

Other than that, there hasn't and I imagine won't be any big revelations. I just want the players, who are there meaning I wish Tyreek Hill and Terron Armstead were there but I'm not bothered by it all, to get a little better with chemistry and most importantly walk out of there 100% healthy. We've seen some other teams, especially one up North, have some guys who hail from the Midwest come up with some injuries. We don't need that here.

Mandatory mini-camp is on June 6-8, so really not that far from now. During this time, I think we'll see more of the same that we've been seeing throughout OTAs. Players doing drills, going through sets and 1 on 1 type situations.

After minicamp, we wait until training camp begins towards the end of July. Then business will really pick up. This is where the grind, truly, starts getting put into motion. It's where some guys can start to cement themselves as difference-makers and starters.

There are some camp battles that I will be fully invested in and there are others where I'm like "Yeah, doesn't matter who gets the technical starting job because the other guys behind that guy can and probably will have an opportunity to take that position at some point." That's why I have in the headline 2 camp battles that ultimately won't make a difference. I'm not saying that those players don't matter or that position means nothing for the team. I'm not saying that at all. We know the 53rd guy on the roster could be a real factor in a playoff game so everyone on the team very much matters.

Some camp battles are more interesting and will have a more direct effect on the team than others, to me. Feel free to feel completely different.