Miami Dolphins 2023 schedule - What you need to know ahead of Thursday's release

Miami Dolphins fans cheer after Miami Dolphins place kicker Jason Sanders (7) kicks the game-winning
Miami Dolphins fans cheer after Miami Dolphins place kicker Jason Sanders (7) kicks the game-winning / ANDRES LEIVA/PALM BEACH POST / USA TODAY

The NFL will release the 2023 NFL schedule next Thursday at 8:00 pm. The Miami Dolphins will then know where they will be playing in 2023 and Dolphins fans can start booking hotels and flights.

So far there isn't much known about when the Miami Dolphins will play each of the 17 games they have on the schedule. We do know who they will be playing.

The Bills, Patriots, and Jets of course will account for six of the Dolphins 17 games. They will also host the Titans, Raiders, Giants, Cowboys, Broncos, and Panthers.

Miami will travel to each of their AFC East rivals as well as Kansas City, Los Angeles to play the Chargers, Washington, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

We also know that the Dolphins will not play the Chiefs in Germany as they are rumored to be playing the Chicago Bears. On Thanksgiving day, the Dolphins could somehow pull off a game, perhaps against the Chiefs who have played in the Thursday rotation in the past but considering that Miami does not play the Lions this year and the Cowboys are at Hard Rock in 2023, Miami is not likely going to play on Thanksgiving.

Christmas is on a Monday this year so there will be only one game on that weekends schedule that will take place on Christmas Day unless the NFL decides to stack that Monday with three games ending with the typical MNF match-up. While it is possible, it is unlikely as the league will more than likely have games on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday that NFL week.

The Dolphins last year were flexed late in the season twice and as a result I would be surprised if they had more than three primetime games in 2023 with all three coming early to mid-season. It makes sense that the NFL has options late in the season to flex games.