Miami Dolphins 2024 mock draft with potential trades

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Miami goes best player available with their last two picks in the 7th Round

11. Round 7: Pick #239 Jase McClellan RB Alabama

Jase McClellan
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Alabama has done a great job over the years producing running backs. Miami goes best player available with their 239th pick and select Jase McClellan.

12. Round 7: Pick #257 Xavier Thomas DE Clemson

Xavier Thomas
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With their last selection at number 257 Miami selects yet another Clemson player. Edge rusher Xavier Thomas is selected to make for 3 Clemson players on the defensive front.  

I truly believe Miami needs to make several trades to acquire more picks. This mock draft is just a mock, but I was able to go from 6 draft picks to 12. It’s going to take some creativity and rigorous scouting to select the right players. 

The 2024 draft can be one that helps Miami put the right pieces in place as well as create depth. After that, it will be up to coach McDaniel and staff to get them to perform at the next level.