Miami Dolphins: 3 keys to own the night against the Tennessee Titans

Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders
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The Miami Dolphins defense must surround Derrick Henry.

There are times I like to flex my brain and attempt to outthink the room with my keys to the game. This is not one of those times.

Yes, I would like 11 guys on every running play to Derrick to wrap up, hang on for dear life, and treat Henry like he is Yokozuna or Andre the Giant in a Royal Rumble where everyone else in the ring teams up in an effort to get him out.

It's a little mysterious right now when talking about Derrick Henry's availability due to him being in the concussion protocol from a big hit he suffered last week. You'd think he would be out due to being in that protocol. But then you need to remember that Derrick Henry doesn't play for the Miami Dolphins meaning the concussion rules don't apply to him the same way they do for a Dolphin's player.

He had vet rest the past two days so I guess his availability is up in the air but I would expect him to play. That guy is a stalwart who would need to be truly having limbs falling off of him not to play.

This means, and I know this is mind-blowing, that everyone needs to attack the ball carrier. The backside help needs to be aware of the cutback because Henry gets big runs off of going the other way of the strength but the linebackers and safeties have to get to Henry and not let him get a full head of steam. He's like the Juggernaut when he gets downhill, nothing can stop his momentum.