Miami Dolphins: 3 keys to own the night against the Tennessee Titans

Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders
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The Miami Dolphins have to communicate well.

Here's a goal; have zero communication issues. Whether it's not having to call a timeout due to not getting the play in time, not having any pre-snap penalties having any issues with receivers running the wrong route, or the quarterback thinking the receiver is running something else. How about we try and have zero of those?

I think that later in the season especially in the playoffs, something that can hinder this team are the little things like the aforementioned communication issues. The little things take care of the big things and these seemingly little details cost teams big games in big moments as we saw last year at the end of the Dolphin's playoff game.

Things have been a bit better this year but we still have some communication problems where guys aren't on the same page completely.

Even though it was a beautiful 60-yard TD pass from Tua to Tyreek Hill, Hill admitted that he ran to the inside initially and then was amazingly able to flip his hips the other way and still catch the ball for six. Cool to watch but I don't want to see that again.

We've seen some instances of Jaylen Waddle and other receivers being in the same spot on some plays and I remember in the Eagles game on the INT that Waddle was too close to Raheem Mostert. Those little details can swing games and there are always weeks to clean more of that up. This is a great week to have a goal such as no communication issues.