Miami Dolphins: 3 keys to own the night against the Tennessee Titans

Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders
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Mike McDaniel must commit to a Miami Dolphins balanced attack on offense.

The Miami Dolphins rank #2 in rushing this year. That's nice to see but honestly, I think a part of that is a bit inflated by the Broncos game and some other big De'Von Achane runs throughout the season. Nothing wrong with that but it's just how I see it.

Over the last three games, the Dolphins rank 9th in rushing yards per game at 129.7 a game. That's still pretty good but I say, let's aim higher.

With De'Von Acahne back in the full mix, I expect Mike McDaniel to feed him even more. We know Raheem Mostert isn't going anywhere and he is as consistent as anyone has been the entire season. But being able to take him out and insert a guy like Achane is something tired defenses will not be able to handle if the blocking is there and Achane does his part.

Last week in Washington, Acahne and the offensive line grounded and pounded the Commander's defense into a smooth silk in the 4th quarter. It's great to get yards in the first half but being able to finish off teams in the 4th quarter with the running game will be huge for the Dolphins against the better teams in the league.

Also, let's not act like De'Von Achane is a seasoned veteran like Raheem Mostert. The guy has only played in six games in his career. There is still a ton for him to experience and learn on the football field. He needs the reps so let's give them to him against the Titans. If he can be even a little bit more effective running in between the tackles, he will be an uber-dangerous player from now on even more than he is now.

The passing game is clicking very well right now and that is the Dolphin's bread and butter. But if the Miami Dolphins are going to beat the Ravens, Chiefs, and the NFC elite, they need to be able to run the ball effectively, not huge gains though I'll take any big run, eating the clock. Then, they can go over the top on a tired defense with Hill and Waddle.

Our music of the week comes from Rage Against the Machine. This album, the Battle of Los Angeles, was one of the best albums I ever purchased. The layoff between this and Evil Empire made the release of this album that much better. This song I feel gets lost in the sauce but I'm always down for it.

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