Miami Dolphins: 3 philosophies Mike McDaniel can apply to make the offense instantly better

The Miami Dolphins and Mike McDaniel need to instill some slight philosophical adjustments to improve the offense.
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages
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If you didn't notice, the Miami Dolphin's offense sputtered all over the place on Monday night and I believe there are a few philosophies Mike McDaniel can apply to make it instantly better.

Now I'm not a professional football coach although I did win back to back freshmen football titles as the head ball coach up in the 570 once upon a time. And I'm not down in South Florida with the team meaning I'm not seeing how they practice and what habits the players have.

I'm just a guy up in NEPA who cares deeply about the Miami Dolphins, who watches the games from the confines of his house. If those credentials don't scream "This is the guy Mike McDaniel should be taking advice from" I don't know what would.

We saw on Monday night an offense that once Tyreek Hill and Connor Williams went out didn't know how to sustain itself. That shouldn't be happening with the amount of other talent on offense.

Yes, having four out of five starting offensive linemen out is a massive problem to get past, but they did still run the ball quite well throughout the game.

I think there are some philosophical changes that Mike McDaniel can instill in his schemes and play calls that can very quickly, and I think without too much strain on the offense, that could fix some glaring issues.

I know you're going to bring up how they looked against the Jets and Commanders. I think they can get by those teams no problem but the theme of this season is getting past the better teams in the league. The Jets have a very good defense and I'm counting Sunday as a must-win so these philosophical add-ons can go into the game plan.