Miami Dolphins: 3 philosophies Mike McDaniel can apply to make the offense instantly better

The Miami Dolphins and Mike McDaniel need to instill some slight philosophical adjustments to improve the offense.
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
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Mike McDaniel needs to let Tua Tagovailoa audible.

From what I have seen this season, it doesn't appear Tua does any audibling or slides any protection when he gets up and scans the defense. Feel free to tell me on X/Twitter if I'm wrong.

Truth be told, my inspiration for this article stems from this one play from Monday's game. Thanks to @Hollywoodxkev for grinding the tape and noticing this issue.

This was one of the many trips to the red zone, this one inside the five, where Mike McDaniel didn't run the ball(foreshadowing) and instead trusted his players and his brain to execute a lower- percentage play.

But there are no defensive tackles on the field and only, what appears, one actual true defensive lineman on the field for the Titans.

Wouldn't it be great if Tua had the autonomy to be able to see that in front of him and change the play to a run? The answer is yes that would be a terrific thing to be able to happen.

I don't think this is a "Tua doesn't have the ability" to change to play. This offense is quite complex with all the verbiage and all the timing that is wrapped in it. I think Tua has the whits to change the play to an inside run when the defense is dictating that.

Even when it comes to sliding protection, Tua has the wherewithal to slide the protection left or right if he needs to.

Letting Tua be able to take the car out for a drive on the highway after midnight is something I think McDaniel can install this week by letting him audible when he sees fit. That should be doable.