Miami Dolphins: 3 potential last-year players who have a shot of really contributing

Aug 3, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, US; Miami Dolphins defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah (91) runs a
Aug 3, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, US; Miami Dolphins defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah (91) runs a / Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
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Summer is in full swing and if you happen to live in the northeast sector of our great country then I hope you are staying hydrated any way you can.

We're in that dull part of the NFL calendar where nothing is going on besides hoping that the top player on your team, cough Tyreek cough, doesn't do anything dumb that would endanger the season for everyone associated with the team and everyone that invests time and effort in caring for that team.

In a few weeks, things will change. rookies will report to training camp, I'll be getting a little married, and the veterans will be reporting to camp. Which is the most important, it's hard to say so I guess we can just say all of those things are equally important.

As you sit there and sip from a beverage that hopefully has an umbrella in it, you can't tell me with a straight face that haven't already gone through the Miami Dolphin's roster and schedule looking to see if you can pinpoint exactly how things are going to go. I know I have.

If you have done that mental legwork, you certainly have come across the players I have included in this list of guys I think will be done in Miami after this season but will be contributors this season. These players are guys that have been here for multiple years, and done well at times, but ultimately I feel will be playing in new cities come next year.

These players are guys who will undoubtedly be asked to do their part and then some at many different points in the season so it would be nice, if this is their last year in Miami as I predict it will be, to send them off with a bit of hardware around their fingers. It's the right thing to do.