Miami Dolphins: 3 recently released players that need to be thoroughly researched

Three recently released players the Dolphins should consider

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Free agency hasn't officially started but the NFL waits for no man. Teams have already released plenty of talented players and there are three that the Miami Dolphins need to thoroughly research to see if they would help the 2024 squad.

Honestly, the list is way more than three but these are the most interesting players that fill a direct need on a very needful Miami Dolphins team.

Legal tampering, which always brings a laugh to me due to its oxymoron nature, starts on Monday the 11th. At that time, teams can start talking to unrestricted free agents because you know, they definitely aren't doing now and haven't been doing that for weeks.

Then on March 13th, free agency opens up and teams will be like those videos you see of Black Friday mornings when people used to rush into stores, trampling people at 5 AM to get a TV for $230 or Elmo or something. GMs will write check after check like they're Frank Abagnale looking to improve their teams.

Some additions will be home runs, some will explode in their faces, and some will be just right. The Miami Dolphins need to live in that all-around category because I don't expect them to be swinging for the fences.

Like the move we saw earlier this week when they signed Jonnu Smith, the Dolphins have to major in solid moves that have somewhat high ceilings if everything goes right but also low floors for when things possibly plateau at an average level. Oh, and they have to do it on the cheap.

There are some players that have been released in the last few weeks that can be added to the 2024 Miami Dolphins roster that will fill an immediate need. These guys can start or at worse be in some form of a rotation.

We can't scoff at players like this because every Super Bowl team is loaded with the NFL version of The Other Guys. The guys nobody talks about but they come in, do their job, make a few plays here and there, and aren't the weak links on the team. The Dolphins need many of those types of guys.