Miami Dolphins: 3 recently released players that need to be thoroughly researched

Three recently released players the Dolphins should consider

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The Miami Dolphins can use a man like Russ, I mean Eric Kendricks.


Come on, you have to have some fun here.

Currently, the only noteworthy middle-linebackers that the Miami Dolphins employ are David Long Jr., Duke Riley, and Channing Tindall.

David Long Jr. had a very good first year with the Dolphins. He was one of the league leaders in stopping the run and was reliable the whole season.

Duke Riley, who came in for Jerome Baker when he got injured, showed everyone why he was always considered to be a depth linebacker. He did all he could, which is to say he played average.

There isn't much to say about Channing Tindall so far besides he was fast at Georgia and it's possible that Vic Fangio didn't care for him. Either way, when Baker went down we didn't see a glimpse of Tindall just to see what he could do.

Needless to say, the Dolphins need more players athe middle-lineback position.

Anthony Weaver had two really good ones in Baltimore in Patrick Queen and Roquan Smith. I highly doubt Miami will pay for Patrick Queen though many want that to happen.

Eric Kendricks, though now 32, had a very good season last year for the Chargers. He had 117 tackles, 79 being solo and he played in 14 of the 15 eligible games he was there for. Weaver seems like a guy who will want veterans in the middle of his defense. Eric Kendricks fits that bill and he won't cost that much. I know I'm saying that a bunch but that's the reality of the situation, unfortunately.

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