Miami Dolphins: 3 under the radar players who will be needed over the last quarter of the season

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
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Kader Kohou needs to keep being that silent 3rd man in the Miami Dolphins secondary.

I feel like with all the names that are on the Dolphin's defense, Kader Kohou is one that I barely hear ever get mentioned. I see him out there, he plays a lot I just never hear his name.

I think it's a good thing kind of like how you never want to know the name of a referee because if you do it's because they messed something up. Not to say that Kader can't do something spectacular and have his name mentioned, I just think with Kader on this team no news is good news.

As a guy who watches Miami Dolphins games as hard as I can, I notice what Kader is doing out there, and let me tell you he has improved from his strong "out of nowhere" rookie season. He tackles better and his instincts have improved which has helped him not get beat as much. Also, his penalties are down. Could that be because he's the 3rd corner behind Ramsey and Howard?

The tackling is what really stands out to me. I feel like every game or two, Kader steps up and plants a receiver on a screen or buries a running back.

I love seeing that physicality out a player especially a corner.

The weak quarterbacks that the Dolphins have and will continue to feast on will dry up starting on Christmas Eve. Kader may be the guy who offenses look to target due to Howard and Ramsey playing so well. We know that possibility as well as Vic Fangio and Kader Kohou know it. He needs to be ready and I expect him to.