Miami Dolphins: 3 under the radar players who will be needed over the last quarter of the season

Miami Dolphins v New York Jets
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With Jerome Baker missing time for the Miami Dolphins, Duke Riley needs to step up.

Hey Duke Riley, you're the next contestant on the Price is Right if the Price is Right was playing middle linebacker for the Miami Dolphins.

Jerome Baker got injured last week in Washington. He wasn't placed on IR meaning they believe he will be back within four weeks or it means they don't want to use one of their two remaining IR call-ups just yet.

And since Andrew Van Ginkel will be serving as one of the main fill-ins for Jaelan Phillips, Duke Riley will be the guy getting the nod at starting inside backer opposite of David Long, Jr.

Duke Riley came in for the fallen Jerome Baker and played very well.

If you're a subscriber to the wizardry that is PFF grades, you'll love the tweet above. I think the PFF grades are a little valuable but I refuse to swear by them.

Fortunately, I was in attendance for last week's game and saw firsthand Duke Riley making plays and doing what he was supposed to be doing. That's the number one thing I care about; can you go and do what you're coached to do? For one game against a bad Commanders team, Duke Riley showed that he could.

Now with a full week of getting #1 reps, Riley should have even more of a sense of what he needs to do.

Big opportunity for Duke Riley who all we know about him is that he has splendid hair. He has a chance to sustain and possibly elevate a middling unit on this team. I expect him to bring a tenacity in the run game. It's getting to his pass-drops that I'm slightly concerned. Oh well, he has two weeks against bas quarterbacks to get in a groove.

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