Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft: Fins Trade Down, Address Huge Needs

Over the next few weeks, as hype around the draft builds, I will be pumping out Dolphins centric and full NFL mock drafts. This is my first full 7 round Dolphins mock.
Duke v Louisville
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To preface this mock draft, I did not offer any trades. I would only accept a trade that was sent to me. This seemed more realistic, as I doubt the Dolphins will aggressively be looking to trade up in the draft, and usually, trade downs are instigated by teams looking to move up. With that said, let's get into it.

The trade offered to me was from Tampa, as they sent the 26th and 57th picks in the draft to Miami for pick 21 and 158. I don't think it's super realistic to expect a 2nd round pick in return for trading down, but desperation makes teams act irrationally, so we'll roll with it.

Round 1 - Pick 26: Graham Barton - G/C - Duke

If the Dolphins trade down, I'd love for them to be able to still grab one of Graham Barton or Jackson Powers Johnson. In fact, if they are both still on the board at 21, I'd love to trade down. This was the case in this mock draft. JPJ was taken before we selected at 26, so Barton is the pick

Barton is an elite prospect in my view and a perfect fit in Miami. He has terrific athleticism that sets him apart from everyone in the class in this range. He has played everywhere in college, but projects as a G/C in the league despite two elite seasons at LT for Duke. He is a great people mover in the run game. His pass protection was very good, and he should be a great pass-blocking guard at the next level. His ability to get to the second level quickly and violently makes him a perfect fit for the McDaniel wide zone offense. He had a semi-viral pro-day workout, so here's hoping he is still around when the Dolphins pick.

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