Miami Dolphins 7 Round Mock Draft: Fins Trade Down, Address Huge Needs

Over the next few weeks, as hype around the draft builds, I will be pumping out Dolphins centric and full NFL mock drafts. This is my first full 7 round Dolphins mock.
Duke v Louisville
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Round 2 - Pick 55 - Ruke Orhorhoro - DT - Clemson

Ruke Orhorhoro
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I took Ruke Orhorhoro in my previous AFC East Mock Draft, the truth is, through the draft process, Ruke hasn't grown on me as a player, but this is where need meets potential. He is not a finished product, but he has been playing football for less than 7 years. The fact that his raw talent alone has him in second-round consideration has me excited for what he can do with NFL coaching and facilities at his disposal.

Ruke is an explosive athlete and that is really all he is. He is hulking at 6'4" 294lbs and he moves like someone a fraction of his size. His RAS (raw athleticism score) is a 9.91. Simply put, he is an athletic freak who plays like his hair is on fire. He needs to continue to develop a consistent array of pass rush moves, but this is a guy you take and bless your coaches with the opportunity to mold this guy. Maason Smith is a similar type of prospect to me, but with health concerns in 2021 and 2022, he felt like a bit of a reach, Ruke does not.

Round 2 - Pick 57 (from TB) - Ben Sinnott - TE - Kansas State

This is typically where I go on my Ja'Tavion Sanders tangents. I love Sanders in this class, but I have been hearing and seeing plenty of rumblings about Ben Sinnott, and I can see why. He certainly offers more in the run game than Sanders, who is a willing blocker, but not overly effective. Sinnott has a diverse route tree, and while not as good as Sanders with the ball in his hands, still is very athletic and plenty fast. He is also a more diverse and better route runner than Sanders. I don't feel TE is a major need with the addition of Jonnu Smith, but one of these two TEs in the 2nd round could play as more of a big slot, WR3 type than a traditional TE all the time. Fins could address O-line again, or go for a WR3 like Legette or Corley here, but I like the TEs more than those guys or any available O-lineman.

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