Dolphins 7-Round Mock Draft: The trenches become a focal point

Miami Dolphins, Johnny Newton
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. Jaheim Bell. 5. player. TE. Jaheim Bell. 435. Jaheim Bell. .

The Dolphins don't necessarily use the tight end position in a major way, passing-wise, but it's still an underwhelming position on the roster. At the moment, free agent signee Jonnu Smith is slotted in as the starter. In the fifth round, though, the Dolphins take a guy who could potentially develop into the starting tight end in Miami.

Florida State's Jaheim Bell is a bit undersized, but he's going to be much more effective in stretching the field as a pass catcher than he will be a blocker. He's strictly a receiving threat and someone who can make moves after catch, moving the chains.

WR. Luke McCaffrey. Luke McCaffrey. player. . . . Luke McCaffrey. 6. 2279

Speaking of being a receiving threat and moving the chains, the Dolphins get a potential gem here in the sixth round with the brother of San Francisco 49ers running back, Christian McCaffrey. Rice wide receiver Luke McCaffrey comes into the draft as a wide receiver who isn't going to physically impose his will one way or another, but he does one thing extremely well: he gets open.

McCaffrey runs excellent routes and knows how to find soft spots in zones, and that's one of the best things a wide receiver can offer his quarterback. At the very least, McCaffrey gives this team a strong WR4 who can come in on crucial downs and make the catch when you need one.