Miami Dolphins are in a position to win the AFC East but not the top seed this week

Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins
Dallas Cowboys v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

It's one game at a time for the Miami Dolphins. This week, that one game is against the number one team in the NFL according to record. The Baltimore Ravens.

If the Miami Dolphins win on Sunday, they will lock up the AFC East no matter what happens in week 17. Many fans are hoping for a top seed in the AFC but that won't be possible this week.

A win this week will move Miami back into the top seed in the AFC, ahead of the Ravens but in order for them to keep that spot, they would need the Ravens to lose in week 18 or they would need to beat the Bills. If both teams lose in the final weekend, Miami would take the top seed.

The bye-week will come down to one of two teams, the Dolphins or the Ravens. Cleveland could still be a possibility but they will need the Ravens to lose their final two games. Currently, the Browns are given a 2% chance according to odds makers. It is far more likely that Miami and Baltimore win it.

Taking the 2nd seed is just as good as it will give the Dolphins at least one home game and potentially two. It would also pit Miami against the 7th seed in the AFC in round one.

This week, the Miami Dolphins can shore up at least a 2nd seed finish and the AFC East with a win.

Beating the Ravens will give Miami the AFC East no matter what the Bills do the rest of the year. Miami would enter the final weekend with 12 wins and the worst they could finish is 12-5. Only Miami and Cleveland can match the Ravens' 12 wins this season. The Browns will not host a home game unless they win the division. To do that, the Ravens need to lose both games.

Beyond those three teams, the Dolphins are in an odd position where they could potentially lose out and play as a Wild Card team. To avoid this, Miami has to win at least one of their last two.

The Dolphins say they are focusing one week at a time. That is important because right now, their season depends on it, or at least their playoff seeding, and their division.