Miami Dolphins are not disrespecting Christian Wilkins buy pursuing Jonathan Taylor, because they are not

Fans on social media are starting to get into a tizzy over the reports of Jonathan Taylor being on the trade block and the Miami Dolphins having interest. What about Wilkins?

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins reportedly will inquire about Jonathan Taylor who is officially allowed to seek a trade. That blurb of Dolphins interest has spawned a new round of debate between Dolphins fans and why Miami is disrespecting Christian Wilkins. I'm here to tell you they are not.

Wilkins is due a new contract and he deserves one. The Dolphins seem to be dug in and Wilkins has opted to no longer participate in 11-11 team drills until a new deal is reached. With the season approaching, Wilkins could enter the season with no new contract.

So why are the Dolphins not disrespecting Wilkins? Because they did a long time ago.

Wilkins should have had his deal done a couple of months ago when the other DTs around the league were getting new contracts. So far, Wilkins is the only remaining top DT from his draft class without a new deal. That is disrespect.

The potential pursuit of Jonathan Taylor has nothing to do with Wilkins. Yes, the Dolphins should make Wilkins a priority but they are not. The reality is they are also not likely looking hard at Taylor either.

Taylor is going to be expensive. He wants an extension and without one from a new team he may continue to sit out and refuse to play. Miami isn't in the habit of paying RBs $10 million plus a season.

From what the news reports are saying and the rumors flying, Miami's interest is simply a matter of making a call and checking the price. It's shopping.

The focus should be on Wilkins where both sides have continually said they want to get something done but so far, it is the Dolphins that we have to wonder what level of interest there actually is.

Miami has or can clear cap space this year to fit Wilkins on a new deal and they could probably make an offer to Taylor if they so chose to. The question is, do the Dolphins want to?