Miami Dolphins can enjoy their last weekend alone at the top of the AFC East as it is about to get tighter

The Miami Dolphins once again find themselves at the top of the AFC East for at least another week but make no mistake, it isn't because they are taking control of it.
Nov 5, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany; Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) throws the ball under
Nov 5, 2023; Frankfurt, Germany; Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa (1) throws the ball under / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Sunday morning debacle the Miami Dolphins offense put on display in Germany isn't going to win over many fans. Luckily the team's defense kept it close enough to keep the game within reach right down to the final ticking minutes.

Losing to the Chiefs shouldn't be a big deal. They are the defending Super Bowl Champions. They too were 6-2 and have a very good defense although I wouldn't say "the best in the NFL" as Patrick Mahomes declared.

If we face facts, the Dolphins' offense lost that game pure and simple. Once again, however, they are atop the AFC East, by themselves. Don't expect it to last too long.

The Dolphins are entering their bye week and as a result, they will maintain a share of the AFC East lead when they return in two weekends. The Bills and even the Jets could be nearing six wins when the Dolphins return to face the Raiders at Hard Rock Stadium.

The New York Jets

New York has not played yet, they play the L.A. Chargers on Monday night in a very winnable game. A victory would put the Jets in 2nd place in the AFC East given the head-to-head record against the Bills.

For all the talk of implosion after the Aaron Rodgers injury, the Jets are doing just fine and at 4-3 could move within one game of the Dolphins with a win. Next week, the Jets will face the Raiders in Las Vegas. If they win both of their next two games, they will be at 6-3 tied with the Dolphins and potentially the Bills. Three games from now, the Jets and Bills will square off. Miami will face them on Black Friday.

The Buffalo Bills

Buffalo lost another big game, this time against the Cincinnati Bengals who have won four in a row now. The Bengals' defense stifled the Bills all not and as a result, Buffalo remains a game out of the top spot.

The Bills schedule will be easy next week with the Broncos heading to Orchard Park. A win puts the Bills at 6-4 and that will be a must-win game for the Bills as they will face the Jets, Eagles, Chiefs, and Cowboys in the following four weeks. A loss to Denver and the Bills season could be over by mid-December.

The New England Patriots

The AFC East is not in the cards for the Patriots this year who dropped another game on Sunday, this time to Washington. They have two wins on the season and are looking more like a team who will be drafting in the top five next April.


The Jets have had their bye week so there will not be a game to make up on the Jets who are closing in on 5 wins and possibly 6 next weekend. The Bills, however, will not get their bye-week until December 3rd.

Week 13, as we look ahead, will give the Dolphins a chance to move ahead of the Bills or possibly add separation. The Dolphins will play the Commanders in Washington.

As it stands right now, the Dolphins have had opportunities to advance their lead and have not done so but we are talking about a total of three losses.

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