Miami Dolphins can stop looking at free agent RBs, Chris Grier has made his bed

The thought is that with Dalvin Cook now off the market, the Miami Dolphins should look to a couple of other running backs but Dolphins fans shouldn't hold their breath.

Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier waits for his team to come off the field after defeating
Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier waits for his team to come off the field after defeating / JIM RASSOL/THE PALM BEACH POST / USA

The Miami Dolphins tried to wait out Davlin Cook and while we don't know if Miami ever actually made an offer for Cook, speculation is that with Cook now on the Jets, Grier should chase a couple of other RBs instead.

On the same day Cook signed agreed to join the Jets, Ezekiel Elliot decided to join the Patriots. Both players landed one-year deals that could pay them nearlfy $8-10 milion based on incentives. Elliot was never really an option for the Dolphins but fans believe that two others should be.

Kareem Hunt and Leonard Fournette are both still looking for jobs and both would likely see far less money when they do sign. The thing is, the Dolphins can play this as cheap as they want but they had a shot at player who could make their room better and opted to stick with what they have. The same exact group from last season with the addition of De'Von Achane.

While it might sound like a good idea to chase Hunt or Fournette the reality is Chris Grier made this bed and after looking at his options all off-season, he has made the decision to roll with this RB group and now he has to sleep in the bad he made.

It might not be perfect but maybe this group is what will be perfect for Mike McDaniel. Mostert was running well until he was injured and at times, McDaniel ran away from the run game to throw the ball downfield to Jaylen Waddle and Hill. It's his own personal candy shop, like Jimmy Johnson once said about Dan Marino.

It's hard for a team to commit to a running game when the passing game is stacked with talent and that is what we saw last season from McDaniel. Rookie error in judgement? Probably. McDaniel is supposed to be a more run-heavy minded coach but we didn't see that last year.

As for Grier, the RB room will have to do barring any injuries. Miami needs to allocate that money somewhere else now. If the Dolphins don't like what they have after this season, they can re-address it next year but for 2023, this is the unit Miami has to work with and Grier should hope that his decision is in fact the best one.