Miami Dolphins can't clinch a playoff spot this week no matter what happens in the AFC

The magic number for the Miami Dolphins still remains two games and no matter whaat happens this week in the AFC, the Dolphins can't clinch a playoff spot.

Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins
Tennessee Titans v Miami Dolphins / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Yes, things would have been different today had the Miami Dolphins beaten the Titans. We would be talking about playoff-clinching and maybe even a division win. Instead, nothing clinches today.

The Baltimore Ravens are the only team in the AFC that can clinch a playoff spot. They will play in Jacksonville on Sunday night. It's a big game with potentially big implications in seeding. Miami fans will be paying close attention to this game, provided Miami beats the Jets.

Currently, the Dolphins still hold the 2nd seed in the AFC. They play the Ravens in a couple of weeks. The Chiefs are one game behind Miami in the 3rd position and play the Patriots today. Dolphins fans may want to see the Patriots knock off the Chiefs but another loss by New England potentially pushes Bill Belichick further out the door as the Patriots coach.

The 4th seed is held by the Jaguars who host the Ravens. The Jaguars are 8-5 and suddenly find themselves in a tighter race for the AFC South after the Colts won on Saturday. A loss by the Jaguars tonight will throw the South division into chaos. The Texans will also join the mix if they beat the Titans today and improve to 8-6 as well.

The AFC North is all Baltimore right now but the Browns could move a game behind in the division with a win against the Bears and a loss by the Ravens.

Cincinnati won on Saturday and improved to 8-6. They are an improbable Wild Card team right now and their victories continue to hold the Bills out of the top seven spots. The Bills are currently out of the playoff picture but they moved up two spots after Saturday's game.

Buffalo previously found themselves in the 11th spot. Losses by the Broncos and Steelers on Saturday allowed the Bills to move up to 9th. The Bills will host the Cowboys in the late afternoon window. If they lose, they will likely fall back to 11.

Miami has to find a way to win today. If they do, next weekend they will be playing with the opportunity to clinch a playoff spot and potentially the AFC East.