Miami Dolphins Cedrick Wilson is a player to watch ahead of the June 1st window of cuts

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Cedrick Wilson Jr. (11), against the New York Jets during NFL action
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Cedrick Wilson Jr. (11), against the New York Jets during NFL action / BILL INGRAM / THE PALM BEACH PSOT / USA

Cedrick Wilson was a hot trade topic during free agency and then again into the lead-in to the NFL Draft but the Miami Dolphins move may now come after June 1st.

On June 1st, NFL teams can release players and spread guaranteed portions of contracts over two seasons. For Miami, that player could be Wilson. Miami has publicly stated that they are wanting to "do right" with Wilson. They stress he has done everything they have asked of him and they don't want to put him in a bad situation. If that is true, the best situation for Wilson is to be let go.

Wilson was a big addition during the 2022 free agency period but he was lost behind Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle and was outplayed by Miami's other receivers. By seasons end, he was relegated more to special teams.

Wilson didn't start a single game in 2022 and was only targeted 18 times. This year, he will count $8 million against the cap and frankly, that is way too much for a player that doesn't factor into being a part of the team, not even the special teams.

For Wilson, the problem is simply depth. Miami has a lot of it.

We know that Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle will be the premium WRs for the Dolphins but where does Wilson fit in? He doesn't.

Behind the two starters, Chosen Anderson is going to make a case for the 53. He is $7 million cheaper and can contribute as much as Wilson. The Dolphins started getting Erik Ezukanma more involved at the end of last season and the Dolphins are hoping he will take a step forward. If he does, another player jumps in front of Wilson.

Then there is special teams. It could have been a season of Wilson returning kicks but the addition of Braxton Berrios makes that more unlikely as Berrios will take on the primary return duties. It is also expected to see Berrios get reps on offense. Again, taking away the value of Wilson.

Miami's WR unit is impressive but depth could be an issue on the deeper end where the 6th WR could be interesting, if the Dolphins even keep 6.

Hill, Waddle, and Berrios are the top three who will make it without question. Ezukanma should make the roster as well unless he makes zero progress this off-season. This is where Wilson will fit in or not fit in. If Ezukanma improves, Wilson is an expensive 5th wide-receiver.

That 5th spot would make more sense going to Anderson and then dive into River Cracraft or Braylon Sanders.

Regardless, Wilson's spot on this year's roster is a question mark. On June 1st, we are starting a full-roster player preview that will run through the entirety of June. Wilson's will be the first one published because honestly, I'm not sure he makes it to June 2nd. If he does, Miami may have figured out how they want to use him.