Miami Dolphins Chris Grier has to keep new DC Anthony Weaver involved in player decisions

The Miami Dolphins have hired Anthony Weaver but it means nothing if he does't have a voice in player personnel.

Sep 11, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier stands in the
Sep 11, 2022; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins general manager Chris Grier stands in the / Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Mike McDaniel has the Miami Dolphins offense trending in the right direction but it will be Chris Grier and Anthony Weaver together that will determine where the defense goes.

Anthony Weaver left a Ravens team that rarely has public displays of turmoil. That may not be the case in Miami. While the Ravens front office appears to be a well-oiled machine on the surface, the surface of the Dolphins organization can sometimes look messy.

Sorry but it is 100% accurate.

I waffle on Chris Grier. There are times he does things that I wonder if other GMs know how to do. He is a master at getting trade value out of players that should have none. He and Brandon Shore have done well with some contracts but horribly with others. Then, of course, there is Grier's inability to realize the offensive line is a problem.

Following the departure of Vic Fangio, we learned that Grier added players to the Dolphins roster late in the season without consulting Fangio about them. It may sound like a minor issue but shouldn't the defensive coordinator be shown a little more respect with the playoffs a week away?

Now, Weaver has this job. He will have his own philosophies on how to win. He will bring a mentality that is more Ravens than Dolphins. That should be a good thing. The problem is Grier is in control and while Weaver may get to say, "I like that guy", Grier can say, well I will give you this guy instead.

Weaver isn't going to be able to put his fingerprints on the roster this year. Miami lacks the money and they have high-profile injuries that will hinder the process.

What happens if Weaver, who coached the defensive line, tells Grier it is imperative he has Christian Wilkins back and Grier disagrees? How will that sit with a new coach who needs and probably demands a front seven that plays his system perfectly?

There is no friction right now and hopefully, there won't be. As Dolphins fans, we know that isn't always the case. Weaver can't be a simple "yes man" but at the same time, if he thinks that he is going to get everything he wants or believes he needs, then he will be wrong.

I think the three will work well together with a common goal. I will be interested to see if the Dolphins' focus in the draft becomes more defensive given the potential scheme changes. It should. I also wonder if Grier will look for a cheaper route to find players to fill the holes. In some ways, given the cap situation, he will have to but we have also seen Miami have cap room and Grier go in a different direction entirely.

Over the course of the next several months, we will get an idea of how Grier, McDaniel, and Weaver work together and what the goal may be. We will get to see if the Dolphins do their best to give Weaver the personnel he needs to change his defense or if he is expected to coach with what they already have.

If nothing else, Grier has to keep Weaver in the loop. He has to take into consideration what Weaver needs and wants and understand the scheme Weaver wants to achieve and then lay out a plan together to make that happen. It won't happen in one offseason so the bigger picture is what has to be in play. That starts and ends with good communication.

At least the offseason is going to be interesting and fun.