Miami Dolphins complete roster breakdown ahead of free agency looks like Swiss cheese

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The Miami Dolphins are a week away from starting to make over the roster when free agency starts and there will be a lot of work that needs to be done.

When free agency begins on March 13th, there is no clear indication what the Dolphins roster may look like after a week of the market being open. Right now, we know that the roster isn't looking as good as some fans and some "podcasters" would like you to believe.

There are plenty of arm-chair general managers out there who have all the solutions. Not re-signing Christian Wilkins frees up space to do more when the market opens or with these clever restructures, the Dolphins can get well below the cap to have money to spend.

That's all wonderful but what does the roster really look like? Well, there are a lot of holes. Here is what the entire roster looks like and why some out there are not paying attention.

Quarterback - Tua Tagovailoa is on the roster but there is no question his contract is looming large ahead of the market opening. Why? A new contract for Tua could trim up to $10 million off the cap. Miami seems to be in a holding pattern until this gets done.

Mike White is scheduled to make just over $3 million this year to compete with Skylar Thompson. Miami may want to release White and ride with Thompson and then draft or sign another QB. The reality is, like most teams, if Tua goes down the Dolphins will too.

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