Miami Dolphins complete roster breakdown ahead of free agency looks like Swiss cheese

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The Miami Dolphins are open to a Xavien Howard return but Howard won't play for a cheap contract and the Dolphins depth in the secondary is a question.


Entering free agency, the Miami Dolphins have Jalen Ramsey and maybe Cam Smith penciled in on the opposite side. They released Howard and currently don't have any other corner under contract that can start consistently on the boundary.

Yes, Kader Kohou is still under contract but he isn't ready to take over a starting role outside. The test will be the development of Smith under Weaver after spending the entire season of 2023 in Vic Fangio's doghouse.

Miami's CB room heading into free agency lacks starting experience outside and depth on the inside. Nik Neehdam will potentially hit free agency and the rest of the roster is Ethan Bonner, Elijah Campbell, and Keion Crossen. Everyone else is a free agent.


The Dolphins have a problem at safety as well with only Jevon Holland under contract with 10 days to go until free agency. Brandon Jones is an impending FA and DeShon Elliot is as well.

The Miami Dolphins roster looks like this in case you didn't tick off each position.

  • QB - Tua Tagovailoa
  • RB - 4 quality RBs
  • WR - Only 3 on the roster
  • TE - 3 on the roster, Smythe the only true starter
  • OL - RT is fine, LT is a question. The Dolphins need a center and two starting guards but Eichenberg will factor into one of those.
  • DLine - Need DT and at least two edge rushers minimum
  • LBs - Needs a lot of help
  • CB - Two players with starting experience, one good one.
  • Safety - One player under contract
  • Special teams - Ferguson and Sanders return, no punter on the roster.

The Miami Dolphins can solve some of the depth problems in the next week by re-signing some of their own impending free agents.

For the Dolphins, getting some of these impending FAs back under contract will provide depth and continuity but overall, Miami's roster is lacking starting quality players at nearly every position group and they won't be able to afford top free agents to fill them.

Miami's cap situation is a bit prohibitive right now and while that can and will change, restructures will come with a future cost.