Miami Dolphins considerable ticket price hike has fans feeling underappreciated

The Miami Dolphins gave season ticket holders a big gift over the last week with the notification that with winning comes a price hike.
Miami Dolphins fans do the wave during the second half of an NFL game against the Denver Broncos at
Miami Dolphins fans do the wave during the second half of an NFL game against the Denver Broncos at / Jim Rassol / USA TODAY NETWORK

Going to a Miami Dolphins home game isn't cheap but it is incredibly fun. Parking has changed quite a bit over the years with cheaper options now provided up the road. The Dolphins are one of only a few teams who have not raised their prices a lot over the years but now that the team is winning...

Over the last few days season ticket holders have taken to social media with their increased prices. Some will pay $500.00 more for their ST's while others will pay nearly $700 for their increase. Naturally, it depends on where your seats are at.

One ST holder on "X" said that he hasn't sat next to the same people the entire season because the owner of those STs sells the tickets each week. This is something that is going to happen more and more often and eventually, the average fan that scrimps and saves to pay $3-4K for tickets will eventually get priced out.

Those fans wanting to attend a single game will also be priced out. Over the last few years, prices have gone from as low as $54.00 for single game tickets on the secondary market to well over $200 for upper deck seating.

Fans are not thrilled of course. Some have said they wished Miami could at least win a playoff game before taking a big hit. On average, ticket prices will rise almost to $100.00 more.

Miami fans have a right to be upset but at the same time, it's hard to see the prices not going up. For the first time in more than two decades, there is a waiting list for STs. Renovations to the stadium cost millions, and player salaries continue to rise each year. Only so much will come from merchandise and vendors. Gate receipts are huge.

What will be interesting to see is whether or not the price increases could hinder visiting fans from attending games in Miami. As one of the cheaper teams over the years, it was easy for out-of-towners to come to Miami and make an impact but with tickets costing more as well as daily living costs, Miami may price out many fans of opposing teams.

Regardless of the why, the Dolphins haven't made this kind of increase in a long time and were long overdue. Like it or not, we should have seen it coming even if the increase was a lot more than anyone apparently expected.