Miami Dolphins contract extension talks likely over until next year with Tua and Wilkins

The Miami Dolphins have two players that they want to get locked up and it may not happen now until next year according to Chris Grier.

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
New York Jets v Miami Dolphins / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Chris Grier spoke with the media and has been asked about two of his top players and their current contract situations. He indicated that in both situations, next year is when discussions are likely going to happen.

Christian Wilkins has been on the forefront of contract discussions since March but the two sides could not agree on a deal after months of back and forth negotiations. Grier indicated that with the season now beginning, they likely won't hold extension talks until next off-season.

That makes some sense for Miami. Wilkins wants to stay in Miami. He loves it there but he also wants to set the market for DTs and the Dolphins don't have the same monetary value attached to him. This could get interesting and could include Wilkins testing the market during the three day tampering period and Miami then deciding on whether to match.

As for Tua Tagovailoa, the Dolphins have had preliminary discussions about a contract extension. He is under contract for 2024. His 5th year option will pay him $24 million. The Dolphins would like to get a long term deal done but Grier stated that they will take a look at it more in depth throughout the season but more likley after the season.

This is important becuase while Tua is under contract for 2024, an extension shouldn't come until Tua can finish a full season and avoid injuries. Miami is going to invest a lot of money in Tua but they have to have an assurance of his availability and that isn't sonething you can guarantee.

For now, don't expect anything between now and the start of the next off-season in January. Miami is focused on the season ahead. Of the two, however, I could see Wilkins coming off his demands enough that a deal could get done before the season is over despite them saying otherwise. It would make sense for both sides. Miami gets their DT at price cheaper than next year's rise in salaries and Wilkins gets insurance against injury.