Could the Miami Dolphins open the season in Kansas City to kick off 2023

Jan 29, 2023; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Jim Nantz interviews Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy
Jan 29, 2023; Kansas City, Missouri, USA; Jim Nantz interviews Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy / Sam Greene-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Dolphins 2023 schedule will be known in less than 10 days. The NFL will officially release all 32 teams on the 11th of May at 8:00 pm. Could the Dolphins open at Kansas City?

The Chiefs already know when they will open the season. The Thursday before the first Sunday of football as has become tradition. They also know that game will be a home game. They also know all of their 2023 home oppenents and the Dolphins are one of them.

Kansas City will host the following 8 teams in 2023

  • Miami
  • Buffalo
  • Cincinnati
  • Philadelphia
  • Detroit
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles Chargers
  • Las Vegas
  • Denver

We can rule out the NFC contests against the Lions and Bears. The NFL wants a decent but not necessarily perfect opening to the season.

We could see a divisional game as the NFL likes to pit divisional teams against each other early in the season at least once but the problem with this is that the league also likes divisional games to be on network television as much as possible and opening with one of those is not ideal.

The best match-up would be a Super Bowl rematch. The Super Bowl was a very good game and having a rematch early in the season makes sense and would be a big draw to start the season...but...teams tend to start slower at the start of the year and the marquee match-up between these two teams would more fitting for a mid-season or late-season Monday Night Football match-up.

If this all holds true, there are three other team that would make sense. The Bills and Bengals would make for a good opener to the season but they would also make for great MNF, TNF, SNF mid-season match-ups that will have more importance towards the playoffs.

Miami, however, has the same intrigue as the Bills and the Bengals. A playoff team? Check. A team that is expected to challenge for the playoffs? Check. Miami also has Tyreek Hill and it would be a perfect opportunity to showcase his return to Kansas City after the trade.

Miami makes a lot of sense for the NFL. It's a marquee match-up, has a bi-line with Hill, and would draw a lot of viewership. It's a game that can be showcased early in the season.

I still the Eagles make the most sense but I would definitely look hard at putting the Dolphins and Tua Tagovailoa on center stage against the Chiefs to kick off the season.