Miami Dolphins could trade 1 of these 4 players before the season-opener

Could Chris Grier end up moving on from one of these guys before Week 1?
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3. Erik Ezukanma

Erik Ezukanma faces a tough camp this year with two rookies and River Cracraft trying to secure roster spots. If Ezukanma can have a great camp, it could be enticing for a team looking to add depth to their roster. Ezukanma has battled through injuries but is cleared to resume playing. Healthy now, his future in Miami is in question, but it doesn't have to be around the league.

Ezukanma is a long way from being an every down WR and he may never reach that plateau. His best chances to get on the field are with a team that doesn't have a good depth chart and while he won't bring much in return from the Dolphins, he might bring a late-round draft pick in 2026 or 2027, which is still a bargain for the Dolphins who may release him given the depth and competition on the roster.

With two seasons under his belt, Ezukanma has struggled to get onto the field, which makes this camp much more important. In total, he has 22 yards on five receptions, but a team that might look to trade for him won't be doing so for statistics. Instead, that team would be trading for his potential. That drives the price of a trade down, but doesn't rule out the possibility.