Miami Dolphins could trade 1 of these 4 players before the season-opener

Could Chris Grier end up moving on from one of these guys before Week 1?
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
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1. Jevon Holland

Fans don't want to hear it, but Jevon Holland is a player who could be enticing to another team and would bring more than a Day 3 draft pick in return. The Dolphins like Holland, but there has been no talk of an extension and that is worrisome.

Miami could hope that an off year for Holland makes him cheaper, but that won't be the case. Miami will be paying a high contract on his next deal if they keep him. Holland is probably the only player of value the Dolphins have on their roster. One-year deals, large contracts, and a lot of uncertainty limits their pool of assets available in a trade.

With Holland not being under contract beyond this season, we can't rule out the possibility so long as contract negotiations are not taking place. Miami likely won't make this kind of move, considering they don't have another safety on the roster that can take over.

If the Dolphins make a move for free agent safety Justin Simmons, then Dolphins fans should start to worry. Simmons somehow remains unsigned, but that should change sooner rather than later this summer. If Miami shows interest, then Holland's future with the team could be in question.