Miami Dolphins could trade this veteran during the 2024 NFL Draft

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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There are a lot of things that will transpire over the next week in the lead-up to the 2024 NFL Draft and the Miami Dolphins could make a few moves.

Trading players would seem like something the Dolphins can't afford to do. They don't have a lot of tradeable assets that could make a trade worthwhile. Some players may only be worth a swap of picks or maybe a late-round pick at best, in 2025.

Take Erik Ezukanma for example. The young and still unproven WR only has potential on his side and he wouldn't bring much in return outside of what we said in the paragraph before. Most of the Dolphins' value is tied up in big contracts or players that were recently extended.

Jaylen Waddle would bring the Dolphins a nice return but Chris Grier has been adamant about not trading him. Jaelan Phillips might bring something in return but with his injury, he wouldn't pass a physical and few teams would take that risk. That leaves only one player that Miami could trade, potentially.

Jevon Holland has upside, and value, and could bring Chris Grier extra draft picks that he doesn't have. His upcoming salary demands on a contract extension may not be something the Dolphins want to pay. They have to eventually make similar decisions on Waddle and Phillips who both will have their 5th-year options picked up.

The Dolphins could move Holland on day two of the draft and what might make this more of a reality is if the Dolphins draft a safety in round one, say Cooper DeJean. If that were to happen, Miami could see Holland as expendable.

Drafting a top safety is interesting. Would Grier throw a lot of money toward keeping Holland? Would he put out feelers for a trade possibility? Would he let him walk in free agency next season and hope to get a 3rd round draft pick for him?

Holland is the only player with any real value at this point, realistically.

"“Jevon (Holland) is a big piece here, and we’ll spend some time talking with him. Excited for him to just get healthy and have a good year here. He is an important piece, I love him. My kids love watching the anime stuff on Twitter that he talks about all the time. (laughter) He’s an important piece and we’ll be talking with him here in the future.”"

Chris Grier via Dolphins PR transcripts

Grier seems very clear that Holland is a part of the future but unlike Waddle, Grier didn't say anything concrete about him not being available in a trade. Perhaps that may be because the question wasn't posed in that manner so he didn't volunteer a "Holland will eventually get re-signed" but Grier gave no indication that a deal would be imminent. That too can be construed as playing the game with his agent by not revealing his importance.

Regardless, Holland is the only player on the Dolphins roster currently that has value in a trade. Sure, Tua Tagovailoa has value and so does Austin Jackson and Tyreek Hill but Tua isn't going anywhere, Grier has made that clear. Jackson signed an extension last year and the Hill money is far too high to trade right now.

Will Miami trade Holland? No, and they shouldn't. With Waddle and Phillips capable of 5th-year option play next year, Holland should be extended not traded and if Miami does draft a safety on day one or early day 2, that should not change the approach.