Miami Dolphins didn't feed Tyreek Hill enough on Sunday but it makes sense

Tyreek Hill had another incredible game on Sunday but the Miami Dolphins could have fed him more often.

Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders
Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders / Rob Carr/GettyImages

Against the Washington Commanders, Tyreek Hill had a field day and it could have been better but the Miami Dolphins may have let him down.

The game was pretty much over by half-time. Tyreek Hill was already over 150 yards on five receptions and he was ready to run away with the game but instead, Hill was left out of the second half game plan.

In the 2nd half, Hill caught one pass for five yards and was targeted once on another. His day was over pretty much at the half.

It's understandable. The game was way out of reach for the Commanders and Hill has been banged up each of the last few weeks so giving him rest made sense. Even Tua Tagovailoa didn't play the whole game.

Hill needs just over 500 yards in the next five games to eclipse his goal of 2,000 yards. That is a tight window especially when you consider he will have games against the Ravens, Cowboys, and Bills to wrap the season.

On Sunday, Miami could have fed him a bit more but the cost could have been something far more than the Dolphins were willing to spend to get their star WR more yards. An injury to Tyreek would be a hard pill to swallow, especially in clean up...still, it would have been nice to see that yardage need, reduced a little bit more.