Miami Dolphins draft: Did Marvin Allen tip the teams draft plan?

Iowa tight end Sam LaPorta (84) dives for extra yards past Kentucky defenders during the third
Iowa tight end Sam LaPorta (84) dives for extra yards past Kentucky defenders during the third / George Walker IV / / USA

The Miami Dolphins held their annual pre-draft media session earlier this week and Chris Grier and Marvin Allen answered questions about the upcoming draft but it may have been Allen who said too much.

Both Grier and Allen were asked about the this year's tight end class. Grier said he would talk about the current roster and Allen would answer the draft part of that question. Grier said that they are happy with the addition of Eric Saubert and talked up Durham Smythe as well as the upside to Tanner Conner. His answers were exactly what you would think from a GM heading into draft week. No tipping of the hand. "We are happy with the guys there and especially how Durham leads and what he provides for our team."

Fair enough.

"And as far as the draft class this year," Allen started, "this is probably one of the deeper tight end drafts..."

Allen then may have tipped a little too much by saying "So we feel good about having an opportunity to grab a good football player if he's available when we're picking."

On the video call there was subtle squirm, nothing too big, from Chris Grier as Allen concluded "We're going to look at every position, but there's a a strong chance that there are going to be a lot of tight ends selected early."

We can't be for sure if the Dolphins plan is to draft a tight end and you could argue that they are blowing smoke ahead of the draft in an effort to get another player to drop that isn't a tight end but creating the impression that they are hoping to draft a tight end. Or, Allen tipped a little too much of what the team may be looking at.

The good news is a week from now, we will be counting down hours until the start of the draft and we will see if Allen was blowing smoke or simply said too much. Most mock drafts and many in the media covering the draft believe the Dolphins are looking to take a tight end, as early as 51 overall.