Miami Dolphins draft: The best and worst 2nd round draft picks since 2010

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9. Liam Eichenberg - 2021

Tua Tagovailoa, Liam Eichenberg
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The Dolphins thought so highly of Eichenberg that they traded up to get him. While he has been the fandom's whipping boy since arriving, Eichenberg has continued to play anywhere the Dolphins have asked him. He was serviceable as a center last year with Connor Williams out for the year. His biggest issues are consistency and it will be interesting to see if that will change in 2024.

10. Mike Gesicki - 2018

Mac Jones, Mike Gesicki
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Mike Gesicki's time with the Dolphins was wonderful until Mike McDaniel became the head coach. He simply couldn't block to make an impact on McDaniel's offense. As a pass-catcher, Gesicki was clutch but not having a full rounded game hindered his development. Gesicki played his final season with the Dolphins under the Franchise Tag and it was uninspiring under McDaniel. His 2023 season in New England wasn't much better.