Miami Dolphins DT power rankings: We know who sits at the top

The Dolphins are about to start camp and the shakedown of roster spots will begin.
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No. 4 Teair Tart - entering his fifth season

  • Teair Tart has a lot of upside and potential. He has 36 starts in 47 career games. Tart is a rotational DT who should do well with the Dolphins. He is on the edge of the roster, but is on the right side of that edge - a strong camp will keep him there.

No. 3 Benito Jones - entering his fourth season

  • Benito Jones has ascended this list after spending his last two years with the Lions. A former Dolphins rookie in his first year, Jones blossomed last year in Detroit, where he started 15 games and recorded 2.5 sacks and 42 tackles. Jones could easily make an impact on the roster this fall, but he could also slide down this ranking if he falters and those chasing him do well.

No. 2 Calais Campbell - entering his 17th season

  • Calais Campbell returns to his college town, and this could be the last stop of his career. For most players 17 years in, expectations are far lower, but in 2023, Campbell started all 17 games for the Ravens and registered 6.5 sacks and 56 tackles. He is clearly still outperforming much younger players.

No. 1 Zach Sieler - entering his seventh season

  • Sieler was rewarded for his play last year when the Dolphins gave him a much-deserved extension. Now, he will anchor the defensive line without his best friend, Wilkins. There will be high expectations on Sieler in 2024, and he will enter the season as the best DT on the roster.