Miami Dolphins fans looking for Cam Smith like he is Waldo

The biggest question of the season so far has to be where in the world is Cameron Smith? After losing Xavien Howard on Sunday night, you would have thought Smith was a given to get on the field.
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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There must be some trust issues or some learning issues when it comes to the Miami Dolphins 2nd round draft pick Cam Smith. Why else would he still be sitting on the sidelines 7 weeks into the season?

On Sunday night, it seemed like the Dolphins were going to be forced to play Smith after Xavien Howard was ruled out. The answer to that question was a loud banging "NOPE" from Vic Fangio.

The only question left is why? Why is Cam Smith not playing? In an interview, he was asked about it and while he didn't look too thrilled with not being on the field, he was careful enough to not open his mouth and make it worse.

While Smith sat on the sidelines, Parry Nickerson was on the field missing tackles against A.J. Brown and Eli Apple continued to impress fans with his serious lack of tackling ability and inconsistent coverage.

De'Vonta Smith said that every time he saw Apple one-on-one, he simply shook his head.

Miami Dolphins fans have felt the same way. Yet, Cam Smith still sits on the sideline.

In training camp, Smith showed a lot of aggressive play and maybe that is why he has been off the field. Fangio wants his CBs to play a certain way in his system and that might be a problem for Smith. He takes too many chances and Fangio doesn't like that.

Honestly, it is the only rational reason for Smith not to be out there unless we dive into more hypotheticals and say that maybe he simply isn't getting the playbook, the scheme, or the speed of the NFL but it is very hard for fans to understand why the Dolphins drafted a CB with their 2nd round pick (their first of the draft) and not play the player outside of special teams. Especially when Nickerson is getting reps.

At some point, maybe we find out why but for now, it remains a head-scratcher.