Miami Dolphins fans reactions to Chop Robinson land on both sides of the fence

Delaware quarterback Ryan O'Connor (left) works behind blocking from Blaise Sparks (right) against
Delaware quarterback Ryan O'Connor (left) works behind blocking from Blaise Sparks (right) against / William Bretzger-Delaware News Journal /

The Miami Dolphins made Penn State's Chop Robinson their number one pick in the 2024 NFL Draft and it didn't take long for fans to react.

Nothing will ever beat the drafting of Ted Ginn, Jr. when it comes to Miami fan reactions, and the drafting of Chop Robinson does not elicit anything close to that selection. But what are Dolphins fans saying about the team's pick at 21?

Fans have been quick to point out the energy that Robinson displayed when his name was called. The emotion was high as he stood among his family and friends and yelled, "I'm going to Miami!"

Clearly, Robinson's name is going to elicit a lot of animated gestures at Hard Rock Stadium, especially every time he gets a sack! Some fans are already getting that practice in.

Not everyone was thrilled with the selection, and some believe that Chris Grier's BPA approach may not have provided the Dolphins with a "best player."

Some are already seeing shades of another former Miami Dolphins first-round draft pick, Charles Harris.

The whole 'Boom or Bust' talk has also been spreading, with many fans questioning why Miami would draft a player who isn't a surefire impact player.

While Dolphins fans may not be thrilled, at least not all of them, the Dolphins had a need at the position and they stuck their internal convictions. Robinson will be well-coached in Miami and should make an immediate impact despite many thinking he will be average at best.

Miami's passing on offensive linemen is one reason many fans are disgruntled. Chris Grier had several players that could play guard, tackle, and center and fill holes on the line to protect Tua Tagovailoa and help open lanes for the running backs. Chris Grier has only drafted Austin Jackson in the first round of a draft and doesn't appear to place the same value on interior linemen.

Miami also could have traded back, and that, too, has fans upset about the selection, given that Miami has only five picks remaining in the draft and only one on day two, pick 55.