Miami Dolphins fans took over FedEx Field but that wasn't a surprise to Commanders fans and it was sad

The Miami Dolphins victory over the Washington Commanders at FedEx Field was something many never experienced before, in the stands.

Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders
Miami Dolphins v Washington Commanders / Rob Carr/GettyImages

On Sunday, the Miami Dolphins took care of their business on the field. Off the field and in the stands, it was an odd world for certain as Dolphins fans took over the stadium and Commanders fans simply, were there.

Dolphins fans know how the game turned out. It was fun and exciting and this was the first game my 12-year-old son has ever attended. I hope he doesn't think this is what normal games are like now. We had good seats for the game, lower level 50-yard line. I pointed to the upper deck and told him, "this one is special, but normally, we sit up there!"

I normally don't do these types of articles where I talk about other fans or even the experience of going to a game but I have to say, in all my 54 years, I have never experienced what I did on Sunday.

My son and I sat in the middle of the row. Seats 15 and 14 of row 16 and I think we pretty much experienced the entire Washington fanbase from those seats.

Apparently, according to some of the fans I spoke with, the visiting team typically has a much bigger turnout or at least an equal one to the Commanders' home team fans. As one fan said, "You should see this place when the Eagles and Cowboys visit!"

The Miami Dolphins fans took over the stadium.

To my left, the rest of row 16 was all Miami Dolphins fans, including Ale Barr, or Happy! He and his family are amazing and it was fantastic to share the game experience with these great folks from Florida.

Behind them were more Dolphins fans as well as in front of them. It was absolutely crazy. Everywhere I looked was a sea of aqua and orange.

The best fans to represent the Commanders.

Immediately in front of me were two Commanders fans, a young boy and his father. The two were from Weston, Virginia and his dad was a lifelong Washington fan while the young son made it clear he has yet to see a really good team. He and my son were pretty close in age and every time the Dolphins scored, my heart hurt for the kid.

Each score came with a rolled head a turn to his dad or to us and say, "That was nice." A couple of times he said, "I should convert to being a Dolphins fan." We bantered back and forth with them all game and it was wonderful.

The foreigner from Germany.

In front of me and one seat to the right was a non-descript fan. He wore no attire for either team but he looked vaguely familiar so I asked him if he were from Miami. Turns out, he is a big Dolphins fan from Germany. He flew to Miami to catch the game but when he got to D.C. for his layover, he found out the Dolphins were playing in Washington and not Miami.

He got a ticket to FedEx Field pretty easily and was leaving for Miami after the game.

There will always be at least one drunk fan.

For the entire warm-up my row was completely empty to my right. Then, as the game was starting up, it filled and the guy immediately next to me was one of those "loving" drunks who frankly, had zero interest in the game.

He promised me at kick-off that the Dolphins would win by 30. Explained how to beat the Commanders in every play. He called every play before it happened and whether he was right or wrong, he was always right. While he slurred his speech and never stopped talking or putting his hand on my shoulder, he was at least funny. He never returned for the second half after saying in quarter one, "I hope the Dolphins blow out the Commanders early so everyone leaves and I can get out of here quicker." For some reason, I still picture him passed out in a bathroom at the stadium.

The guy with the non-stop barrage of F-Bombs

I suppose you don't experience all of it until you get the F-Bomb-dropping know-it-all who has simply had enough. Behind me and to my right, was that guy.

He never smiled, never laughed, never had anything nice to say about anyone or anything. Immediately behind me was a father and his two young kids of 7 and I think maybe 10. They were seated one seat away from the "F-Guy."

5 minutes into the game, it started. "F the Dolphins, F the Dolphins fans, F this and F that." It was a non-stop barrage and for someone who is quite familiar with the word use, it finally got to the point where it needed to stop.

After about 10 minutes of the loud and vicious onslaught directed at every Dolphins fan in earshot, I finally turned around and said, "Come on man, there are young kids next to you." That received a "F-them kids and F-you." It came with a "If you don't want to hear the word "F" don't come to a football game.

I simply said, "You're an Eagles fan aren't you?" That wasn't smart and immediately filled the nearby air with a much louder outburst of "F-bombs" directed at me and my son. I simply said, "Well, sorry but it is the same level of class."

He finally shut up but maintained that angry scowl on his face until the final two minutes when he and the guy next to him, I think his son, left. He patted me on the shoulder as he left and said "Congrats."

The "this team is the Redskins" fan.

Next to the F-Bomb guy was another Washington fan who wore Redskins merch. I assume that they were either friends or related. The F-Bomb guy was old enough to be the Redskins guy's father and when one left, they both left.

He was nice but you could tell that he was fed up with the play of the Commanders who he absolutely refused to call the Commanders. It should be noted there are a LOT of Washington fans who refuse to call them the Commanders.

I think that just about covers it. It was a mixed world of every possible fan. Even three rows up were two Eagles fans who sat and chided the Commanders fans all game long. I suppose in their twisted world that was how they enjoyed their Sundays.

For Miami Dolphins fans, it was a road win in more ways than one. FedEx Field was a sea of Dolphins fans and you could make a strong case for at least a 50/50 split. Making the day even more funny was that a young kid was picked as a winner for some raffle or something. They had him on the Jumbotron cheering up the fans in a giveaway Washington jersey but underneath the jersey jersey was clearly a Dolphins shirt and he was wearing aqua pants.

Miami Dolphins fans infiltrated that stadium from top to bottom! And it was glorious.