Miami Dolphins fill needs with playmakers in this latest Mock Draft

Oregon v Arizona State
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The 2023 Miami Dolphins season has been finalized and the NFL Combine, NFL Pro Days, and NFL Draft are now in focus. The Miami Dolphins have much to work on with retaining talent and making cap space for new talent or returning talent. Let's focus on the draft!

It's no secret that the Miami Dolphins need offensive line help. Connor Williams has been a very good center for the Dolphins but many factors play into my thoughts into the 21st overall pick. First and foremost it's a cap-friendly and affordable move and second, it's a player who can start right away.

Round One - Pick 21st: C Jackson Powers-Johnson, Jr. - Oregon

Powers- Johnson has excellent upside as a center in the NFL. Has an ideal size at 6'3 320, strength, and the NFL IQ to be a starter right away. He has the nasty blocking and handwork to keep a pass rusher and defender away from the QB.

Many scouts like his feel in the pocket in which he has a natural ability to feel pressure and be a difference maker early. While some feel that he needs a little more time to develop as a player, he feels like an excellent fit on the Miami Dolphins offense.