Miami Dolphins first training camp practice reminds us of how utterly ridiculous fans and media can be

Miami Dolphins Training Camp
Miami Dolphins Training Camp / Megan Briggs/GettyImages

Miami Dolphins fans didn't have to wait too long for the first big throw in training camp and they didn't have to wait long for everyone to dissect it, hail it, criticize it, and blow the whole thing up.

On Wednesday, the Dolphins returned to the practice field for the long nearly 2 months of grueling practice as the team gets ready for the 2023 season but it was a would-be TD throw from Tua Tagovailoa to Jaylen Waddle that reminded fans just how much they should love and hate training camp.

So what is the breakdown for those of you wonderful individuals who don't spend countless and precious minutes and maybe hours on Twitter or other social media platforms? Let's take a look at why that video got everyone in a tizzy yesterday.

The Dolphins wanted you to see how great the catch was. Waddle, in close contact and well-defended by Jevon Holland stayed with the ball after it hit his hands where he was able to haul it in for what would be a touchdown.

For many fans, it was nothing more than a great catch showcasing better concentration. This, however, is training camp and as such, nothing is simple and easy.

Other fans wanted to point out that Waddle shouldn't have bobbled the ball to begin with and he was "lucky" to have caught it after it first hit his hands. This of course led to "Waddle needs to be better" discussions.

You can laugh here but hold the real laughter for a second. They dissected the throw too.

Later in the day, two beat writers, one specifically, called the throw terrible. Saying the ball wobbled the entire time it was in the air pointing specifically to the fact that those in attendance know what that throw really looked like and that the Dolphins media team sped up the video they posted to not show how bad it was.

Yet, the ball still got there.

It is amazing how one play is a perfect example of the entire social media platform and training camp all in one day. And to think this is just the start.