Miami Dolphins former coach Joe Philbin is better than Bill Belichick, so say the stats

In a long list of former Miami Dolphins players, Joe Philbin sits close but not quite at the bottom of the rankings. At least he is better than Bill Belichick...sort of.
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Eventually, the game of football passes everyone by. Miami Dolphins fans watched Don Shula's career start to falter in the year's heading toward his retirement. Even Iron Man Tom Brady had to finally hang up his cleats. Then there is Bill Belichick.

Belichick wants the all-time win record and he is going to hold on as long as he can to get it. He is only 29 games away from tying Shula. Shula has 328 and Belichick is at 299. He wants it badly but sadly, his team isn't playing good football.

On Sunday, Belichick got wiped out at home by the Saints who put up 34 on the home team and surrendered no points at all.

Like our title says, however, former Dolphins HC Joe Philbin has a better winning percentage than Belichick...without Tom Brady.

That's right. With Tom Brady, Belichick is a future Hall of Fame head coach despite his habit of bending the rules, twisting the rules, and outright cheating but without Tom Brady, Belichick is no better than Joe Philbin.

There was a time that Belichick's schtick was an attitude hidden behind winning. He loathes the media, hates everyone asking him a question, and barely tolerates intrusions. Now, the media are getting a little less concerned about what Belichick might say in an interview and the mainstream media is taking their shots at Belichick now as well.

Skip Bayless is hardly someone with a stellar history of comments but it still goes to show that the days of Belichick being the amazing HC he was made out to be is waning. I wonder if anyone would even know who he is without Brady?

The bigger question, and one that continues to circulate around the New England states is how long will Bob Kraft put up with losing before Belichick is cut loose? Many think it would be out of the question but they said the same thing about Don Shula. They didn't say that about Joe Philbin.