Miami Dolphins 2024 schedule: Full list of 2024-25 opponents and dates

The Miami Dolphins 2024 NFL schedule has been revealed and some of it isn't great
Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans
Miami Dolphins v Houston Texans / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

The NFL officially released the 2024 NFL schedule and the Miami Dolphins now know when they will play as opposed to just who. Fans can now start making arrangements for home and away games for the 2024 campaign.

Thanks to the schedule release, we know the Dolphins will be starting off the season with back-to-back home games, with those contests being against the Jaguars and Bills. The showdown with Buffalo will be a Week 2, Thursday Night Football clash. So, how does the rest of the Dolphins schedule look?

Miami Dolphins 2024 full NFL schedule

Week 1- Jags at MIA on Sept. 8
Week 2- Bills at MIA TNF on Sept. 12
Week 3- MIA @ Seahawks on Sept. 22
Week 4- Titans at MIA MNF on Sept. 30
Week 5- MIA @ NE on Oct. 6
Week 6- BYE
Week 7- MIA @ Colts on Oct. 20
Week 8- Cardinals at MIA on Oct. 27
Week 9- MIA @ Bills on Nov. 3
Week 10- MIA @ Rams MNF on Nov. 11
Week 11- Raiders at MIA on Nov. 17
Week 12- Patriots at MIA on Nov. 24
Week 13- MIA @ Packers Thanksgiving Night Football on Nov. 28
Week 14- Jets at MIA on Dec. 8
Week 15- MIA @ Texans on Dec. 15
Week 16- SF at MIA on Dec. 22
Week 17- MIA @ Browns SNF on Dec. 29
Week 18- MIA@ Jets on TBD

Highlights of this year's schedule includes the two home games to open the season, of course including the early-season matchup with Buffalo in Week 2. The Dolphins will play five primetime games in 2024, three of them on the road.

The Dolphins will travel the second-most miles in the NFL this year, second only to the Chargers. Miami will have only two back-to-back home games this season, two in Week 1 and Week 2 and the other in Week 11 and Week 12. The Dolphins will have no back-to-back-to-back home or away games this season. They will, however, play two series of back-to-back games. Week 9 and Week 10 are on the road, and Week 17 and Week 18 are also on the road.

Miami will finish its season against the Bills early this year. They will face them in New York in Week 9 for the second time after playing them in Week 2 at home. The Dolphins will finish their series against the Patriots in Week 12, six weeks after their first meeting. The Dolphins' first game against the Jets will come in Week 14, and the second will come in Week 18 in New York.

Three of the Dolphins final four games are on the road. Three of those games will be against teams that made the playoffs last season: San Francisco, Cleveland, and Houston.