Miami Dolphins grade for adding Jordan Poyer isn't as high as some fans would like

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins
Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Miami Dolphins are bringing safety Jordan Poyer back home to South Florida and it will become official Wednesday afternoon.

The addition of Poyer to the Dolphins roster and list of free agency additions is being met with a lot of applause but what grade should the Dolphins receive for it? For many fans, it's an "A" but it isn't.

Poyer's addition is a solid "B+" but without seeing him on the field, it's tough to say if this should be higher.

The addition of Poyer has been met with a lot fanfare but why? He will enter is 13th NFL season, meaning simply that he is stretching his career for another season because it is just about over.

Poyer is still a quality starter and his salary is not a burden but let's not believe this is a big deal. The Dolphins were rumored to have offered him a one-year deal last season but Poyer opted to stay with the Bills. Now, he is jumping into the division.

I like Poyer. He is a physical and smart player that sees the field well and he brings leadership to a defense that needs it. His arrival in Miami is also a departure from Buffalo.

That all being said, Poyer is still a one-year rental, maybe two at the most. He isn't a player that is going to fix the defense and you could argue that the signing alone is not guaranteeing more production than Miami had last year when Deshon Elliot and Jevon Holland were on the field at the same time.

He does, however, bring potential to the defense and that isn't something to discount. I simply don't see the signing as one that you should be jumping on tables for...or breaking them.

Poyer is a quality addition at a good cost to the Dolphins but he isn't elite anymore. Maybe his fit in Miami will be perfect and the regrade will be an "A" but for now, it's a "B+"