Miami Dolphins: Handing out our own 2023 year-end awards

After a tough ending to the season it is finally time to look back on some of the positives of our previous season.
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Tyreek Hill again showed why the Dolphins paid so much to go get him.

4. Offensive player of the year, Tyreek Hill, WR

Tyreek Hill
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The Cheetah takes offensive player of the year for the Miami Dolphins. That fact, I would say, was pretty predicable.

Tyreek Hill is a one-of-one athlete. There is no one else on this planet that has a skillset to match him. He simply is the best wide receiver in the NFL currently. Not discrediting other wide receivers like AJ Brown, Justin Jefferson, and Jamarr Chase, but Tyreek was better in his own respect.

More productive than AJ, More available than Jefferson, and more productive than Jamarr. Easily could have been the team MVP, it's interchangeable with this award and MVP. Tyreek Hill was extremely important to this team and the offense did noticeably slow when he wasn't present.

There is no Tua Tagovailoa without Tyreek Hill, there is also no Tyreek Hill without Tua. The offense was built for Tua as the QB and not for Tyreek at WR, this is my reasoning for giving Tua the MVP nod over Tyreek Hill.

Now, Hill's skillset just so happened to complement the style of offense built. Tyreek never really showcased his full route running ability during his time in Kansas City, but here in Miami, he proved just how complete of a player he is. Every facet of his game, short, middle, deep routes, everything is way above the rest.