Miami Dolphins have several players they need to sign ahead of TC but who is the most important?

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The Miami Dolphins may want Dalvin Cook but how do you sign him and tell several other players that you just spent the money you were going to give them?

Christian Wilkins is the big name that Miami simply can't get a new deal done with. The paramaters for a new contract are open on the market as several defensive tackles received new contract extensions in the last two months.

Wilkins will fall in between those contracts with a low of $45 million guaranteed to a high of $65 million guaranteed. His overall numbers should come in between $65 and $80 million.

Both the Dolphins and Wilkins' camp are saying all the right things and both sides apparently want to get a deal done but nothing has actually been done outside of negotiations.

Wilkins will play for $10 million this year on his 5th year option. The Dolphins could tag him next year if they wanted to but the salary may not be affordable in reality. The longer the Dolphins wait, the more that salary is going to go up. If Miami wants to wait until next season to extend Wilkins, it will cost them a lot more than it would right now.